On this site you will find easy-to-do science demonstrations that will amaze your students.... and teach them too! Many of the following "demonstrations" fall under the category of "magic tricks." As I have been searching for classroom-ready magic tricks, I have found that many magic tricks require complex sleight of hand moves that require many hours of practice.  Since I don't have many hours to devote to magic tricks, I have found those that are easy for a novice to perform and yet are very baffling for an audience.  All of the illusions offered on this site can be easily stored and require little or no preparation time so that you can readily use them year after year. 

Magic tricks provide an excellent opportunity for discrepant events.  They promote inquiry and observation.  An illusion ignites curiosity and a strong "desire to know."

Performing magic tricks in your classes can greatly increase your rapport among your students.  Beyond wondering "how you did that" and thinking you are "cool," mature students will readily acknowledge your creativity and appreciate that you try to make learning interesting. 

New science demonstrations will be added as we come across them, but only fun ones!

**currently unavailable** Fire Ball Paper -- $5.95
This paper is "nitrated" and so it will burn completely, with no ash residue. Wad it up, ignite, and throw--a science demonstration your students won't forget! Includes one pad of twenty 2"x3" sheets of fire paper and all necessary instructions.

For more information  and videos click: Fire Ball Science Demonstrations Info
Mystery Science Demonstration Tube -- $23.75

An amazing science demonstration to teach your students about scientific inquiry and drawing conclusions from experimental observations. Includes a science demonstration tube and complete instructions and teaching tips.

For more information and videos click: Mystery Tube Science Demonstrations

Accuracy and Precision Science Demonstration -- $19.50

A science demonstration using cards that will amaze your students and get them thinking. Students will learn about repeated trials, how reporting data affects how we interpret data, designing and redesigning experiments and much more! Includes a special deck and all necessary large cards and complete instructions.

For more information and videos click: Accuracy Science Demonstrations Info

Safety Goggles Science Demonstration -- $8.50

Finally an exciting way to teach your students that if they don't wear their goggles correctly, they could get hurt. (And they'll be trying to figure out how you did this science demonstration for weeks!) Includes special frame and complete instructions.

For more information click: Safety Goggles Science Demonstrations


Color-changing Book -- $9.75

Flip the pages to show your students that the coloring book has not been colored. Flip again and all the pages are colored; once more and the whole book is blank. Apply concepts to acid/base indicators, biological stains, and more. Includes one special coloring book, instructions, and ideas.

For more information click: Coloring Book Science Demonstrations

Ultimate Card Prediction -- $11.50

Once scientists have a working theory, their theory will allow them to make predictions about future events. Your students will be amazed that you too can predict future events -- what card is chosen!

For more information click: Ultimate Card Prediction (coming soon)
Cut and Restored Rope -- $7.75

Bonds can be broken and formed! Some changes are reversible!  These are some of many scientific principles that can be taught and reinforced with this simple trick.

For more information click: Cut and Restored Rope
The Atomic Deck -- $11.50
So many things in science are very tiny.  Well, this deck of cards is no exception.  This deck is so small that the students will doubt that there really is a deck at all... until you amaze them.  This trick is a fun way to talk about the small-ness of science.

For more information click: The Atomic Deck (coming soon)
Discrepant Sponge -- $9.50
Scientists often find that unexpected things happen when they do experiments.  In this demonstration students make a prediction (which appears to be incredibly obvious and simple) and then get fooled and amazed at the same time. 

For more information click: Discrepant Sponge (coming soon)
The Bonding Silks -- $9.75

Whether it is chemistry or biology, things must come together in a right way for a process to occur.  In this effect, four separate pieces of silk "bond" together magically.  As an option you could also vanish them.

For more information click: Bonding Silks

Gravity-defying Water -- $16.50

The title says it all.  You could talk about gravity or hydrogen bonding or any number of topics that your creativity would allow.  Water will defy gravity and amaze your students in the process.

For more information click: Gravity-defying Water
Floating Objects -- $14.50
  With a little practice you will be able to float objects for your students! You could borrow a Cheeto-O or open a packaged LifeSavers and suddenly it will defy gravity!

For more information click: Floating Objects (coming soon)
Change and Vanish Objects -- $32.50
  "Matter cannot be created or destroyed"... or can it? This classic magical prop is a must have.  It is the most convincing prop of its kind that we have found.

For more information click: Change and Vanish (coming soon)
Never-ending Water -- $38.75
Water is poured from a pitcher until it is empty.  A few seconds later, more water is poured from it.  This amazing affect can be repeated many times.  Teachers can talk about condensation of water, etc.

For more information click: Never-ending Water



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