*** Currently unavailable*** Fire Ball Paper -- $5.95


Concepts Taught:

  • Combustion
  • Oxidation and reduction
  • Chemical potential energy
  • Just plain fun!

Regular paper (cellulose) burns readily in fire, as we all know. Fireball paper is different. It contains a lot of oxidizing agent (nitrate compounds) since it was "nitrated" by treating the paper with sulfuric acid and nitric acid. (Not a fun process!) Now, there is extra oxygen available which means that it will burn intensely. A small piece of paper produces A LOT of light.

We only sell this product to science teachers who are very aware of fire safety. By purchasing this product you are stating that you are a science teacher and aware of safe laboratory practices. If this is not the case, please do not purchase.

Our fireball paper includes one pad of twenty 2"x3" sheets of fire paper and all necessary instructions.

Video clip for further information: (83 seconds long)

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